Driver metrics

During operation the driver collects various metrics.

They can be accessed at any moment using Session::get_metrics()

Collected metrics:

  • Query latencies

  • Total number of nonpaged queries

  • Number of errors during nonpaged queries

  • Total number of paged queries

  • Number of errors during paged queries

  • Number of retries


let metrics = session.get_metrics();

println!("Queries requested: {}", metrics.get_queries_num());
println!("Iter queries requested: {}", metrics.get_queries_iter_num());
println!("Errors occured: {}", metrics.get_errors_num());
println!("Iter errors occured: {}", metrics.get_errors_iter_num());
println!("Average latency: {}", metrics.get_latency_avg_ms().unwrap());
    "99.9 latency percentile: {}",